Mission: Jesus sent His followers on a mission to make disciples of all peoples of the world. Therefore, as followers of Christ, we embrace the mission of making disciples of Jesus as our primary purpose in this world.

The Gospel: We find our identity as children of God in the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ and His redeeming death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Therefore, we want the Gospel to be central to who we are and all that we do.

Truth:  We are committed to teaching the entire Bible in a variety of settings with an emphasis on practical life application

Worship: Worship is our way of giving glory to God in everything that we do. Therefore, we posture ourselves for worship throughout the week wherever we are and on Sundays as we gather together.

Family:  We value family, therefore we provide opportunities to strengthen marriages, homes, and individuals.

CommunityGod did not design us to be alone, but rather to be in relationship with Him and His people in community. Therefore, all that we do happens within the context of community and we strive to strengthen that community and invite others to become a part of it.

Growth: Growth is a sign of health in all living things. As the Word of God bears fruit in our lives, we expect to see a movement toward maturity and multiplication. Therefore, we devote ourselves to growing as individuals and as a church.

Serving: Jesus sets the example as the ultimate servant of both God and the world and He calls us to follow in His steps. Therefore, we understand that serving God by serving others is the process by which we accomplish our mission and glorify God.

Stewardship: God is the owner of all things. In His generosity, He gives us all that we have so that we might invest it for His glory. Therefore, we are generous with our time, talents, treasures, and all we have as good stewards of the Master.

Excellence: We are committed to pursue optimum quality in all we do to give the right opinion of God.